Remote Counselling & One to One Consultation:

For our local and international clients, we offer remote consultation,  counselling services and personalised therapy session in the comfort of your home. Contact us to find out more.

Inspire Psychology works with families to meet the special education needs of their children. Our team of psychologists, educators and therapists take a child-centric approach when devising methods of collaboration to support the child’s family in their learning and developmental needs.

As a team with the family and child, we work together with various professionals, educational specialists and the school to empower both the child and their family in their educational journey.

Helping every child realise their unique strengths and harness their capabilities is the heart of what we do. Our specialists help families and individuals gain an insightful understanding and work on roadmaps that empower and nurture children to work towards their potential.

Our Services

Our team of psychologists, educators and therapists work on a holistic and comprehensive approach for every family and child. We customise our services to your needs. Here are some of common services provided at our clinic. Click on them to understand what we are some of the things that we can do for you and your child.

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